I am a seasoned Technology executive with experience dating back to Silicon valley start ups in 1995. I view my career in three chapters: 1) Internet Access and Infrastructure Hyper-scale, 2) Internet Monetization via Online Advertising, and 3) Online Learning and Video Content.   I am currently a Sr. Director of Engineering at LinkedIn, A Microsoft Company, and a Board Advisor for a few Early stage Technology companies. The last five years have been the most impactful of my career on many levels:

 Lynda – Joined in 2013 during a massive hyper-growth stage of the Online Learning market and providing technology leadership resulting in growth from a regional learning platform to the leading global Online Learning platform acquired by LinkedIn for 1.5B in 2015.

LinkedIn – Acquired via LinkedIn (LNKD) and the successful integration of Lynda into LinkedIn (LinkedIn Learning) while building and scaling a Global Video Platform and department focused on short form video content at massive scale. Our Global Studio platform is creating over 3,500 short form videos per year in 7 languages distributed across LinkedIn’s platform. In late 2016, LinkedIn was acquired by Microsoft for 26.2B resulting in one of the largest Technology acquisitions in history.

Microsoft – Joining Microsoft (MSFT) via the LinkedIn acquisition in 2016 has been an incredible journey of transformation and complimentary products and platforms.  We have seen a 56% growth in MSFT stock since close of acquisition in 2016 to today. The LinkedIn acquisition has remained mostly autonomous allowing LinkedIn to continue to grow at double digit percentages YoY. A very exciting time to be at LinkedIn & Microsoft (my second time at Microsoft). MSFT Q4 Revenue $30.1B, up 17% YoY, and FY-18 revenue at $110B.  LinkedIn revenue reached over 5B in FY-18.

Why does this matter? – Video content will represent 80% of all Internet traffic by 2019, and the combination of the creation of the platform “Studio in the Cloud” combined with the ability to create quality video content at scale has been a massive competitive advantage for LinkedIn and now Microsoft.  We are driving massive engagement to the LinkedIn platform. My Department (Content Technology Engineering) at LinkedIn, is responsible for building and delivering on this vision.




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